Multi-Track recording-studio

demo or CD

4-8-16-24-track-recording via hard-disk, ADAT, Pro-Tools, Cassette or 1i. Tape-deck.

Controle-room 5-by 4.5m.Recording room 1" 9- by 4.5m, room 2" 6- by 4.5m. Lots of parking-space, big kitchen and ofcaurse toilet.

TAC Scorpion, TC M2000, TC M-ONE, DEP-5, SDE-1000, Midiverb4, Boss RRV-10, analoge and tape delay, Alesis- dbx compressor, enhancer and microphone processor,... AKG, Shure, Beyer Dynamic, RODE, Sennheiser mic's,... Sound-modules; Roland U220, DR-5, Juno 106, D20, Yamaha TX802. Dynacord, Marschall, Vox amps. Intercontinental and Wurlitzer Organs.

2x Sony DAT, CD writer, ReVox B77stereo tape-recorder.

Hemiksem, 12 Km outside Antwerpen.

Just call us for info ! 0032-496/70.67.60.

And here you find some cd's that we did !