B-CO is the musical journey of Sandra Cocciolo and Geert Vanbever between Zurich, Swiss (where Sandra lives) and Antwerpen, Belgium (where Geert lives).

We met each other in febr. 2000 in Swiss on a concert of the Wizards of Ooze. We found out that our musical interest is mutual and discovered that we like the songs we write ourselves. So we desided to work together.

But first, till the end of March 2001, Sandra had to finish her studies. In the meantime we kept in touch to think about what, how and when we are going to work. As a result we are now together in Antwerpen working in the studio ( Ghosttown ) on the songs and are doing introduction concerts in small clubs in Belgium as B-CO (bieco).

B-CO stands for; (van)Bever and Cocciolo.

The experience on stage and in the studio helps us to find our own musical way.